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All clients MUST complete an evaluation with Kendall’s Canines prior to any private training, packages or other services.  Standard evaluations are extensive, last roughly 90 minutes and cover a lot of items prior to starting training.  Puppy evaluations for dogs under 6 months of age last roughly 60 minutes and cover goals with your dog, any of the basic up front needs of your puppy and your family prior to starting training. 


Standard Evaluation: $150

Puppy Evaluation: $85

Kendall’s does not charge for additional dogs during evaluations, barring any major behavioral concerns.  New and inquiring clients please take note that Kendall’s Canines no longer accepts or works with littermate cases due to Littermate Syndrome and the ethics behind the dogs in question in these cases. 

What is included in an Evaluation:

  • Meet and Greet at home for both dogs and humans

  • Discussion of any behavior issues, obedience concerns 

  • Discussion of goals with the dog(s)

  • Day to Day schedule with your dog(s)

  • Exercise and Fitness Guidance

  • Nutritional Guidance

  • Veterinary History 

  • Full Body Wellness Check / Handling

  • Leash Walk

  • Long Line Work

  • Basic Proprioceptive Course

  • Neutrality Assessment with Reagan

Why does Kendall’s Canines have such an extensive evaluation process?

Cassie is dedicated to the understanding of why a dog may be struggling, in need of rehabilitation, or otherwise failing to meet goals outside of the basic training needs.  It is important we understand the dog we are working with mentally and physically prior to coming up with a training plan that will work for your dog, based on the goals of your dog.  Potential injury, nutritional deficiencies, medical background and training background of your dog are all critical items for Cassie to be aware of when piecing together the needs of your individual dog.  There is no sense in spending the money and time training your dogs to be the best they can be if there are some gaps in their foundational needs.  We strive for healthy all around dogs, not just well-behaved dogs.  Well-behaved and well trained dogs are not achievable without healthy dogs.  Additionally, the exercises that Cassie will be watching closely will give her information on your dog’s relationship to you and what she may need to prioritize with you as their owner and handler.  This process is part of the whole dog approach that Kendall’s Canines strives to succeed in.

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