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Business Consulting

Dog Daycare and Boarding Businesses

Business Consulting: $800/day

+ mileage fee if outside of a 50 mile range to 03049.

Offered to other local business owners in New England who are struggling with their play groups, structuring their day to day, and managing staff with dogs. Prior to owning her own business to focus on training, Cassie worked as a business manager and consultant for other pet care businesses. Cassie has helped other businesses mitigate altercations in groups by nearly 100%, train staff to be better prepared for safety concerns, and grown programs by 30-50%. Cassie has also assisted in streamlining boarding protocols to make the most sense for your business, clients, and staff. Consulting work with Cassie is designed for those who need assistance in dog management, behavior, safety and handling but can advise on many topics. Topics that Cassie would be happy to assist you in include but are not limited to: 


  • Group organization

  • Safe handling

  • Preventing altercations

  • Teaching staff on behavior

  • Maximizing your day to day

  • Scheduling

  • Client professionalism

  • Structuring your Dog Daycare program with activities or training


Consulting work with Cassie for your business would ideally take place by the day, but half day options could be discussed. Multi-Day packages and workshops for you and your staff can also be discussed.

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