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Founder, Owner, Trainer


          For as long as I can remember, I have found myself in better company in the presence of animals.  Growing up, I was always begging to go to a fair or horse show just so I could see the goats, sheep, bunnies, horses, pigs and more.  As I aged, my affinity for farm and pet animals only grew larger.  I took up horseback riding when I was about eight years old,  still ride competitively today, and purchased my first horse, Valor, toward the end of 2022.  I worked for horse barns and a rescue farm throughout high school where I learned a wealth of knowledge regarding animal husbandry, medical care, behavior and management.  I thought for many years that I would be an equine veterinarian, or somehow work with farm animals.  I graduated right here locally from the Hollis Brookline High School in 2015.  

          It wasn’t until I came home from my first attempt at college that I decided to try a different path in the animal field.  I was fortunate enough to have a connection with our local kennel, Village Sentry Pet Care,  and began working as a kennel technician.  I instantly fell in love with working with dogs.  It was not that I had never been around dogs, obviously, but I had never worked with dogs of all breeds and backgrounds in such a setting.  Working in a daycare setting opened my eyes to the behavior of “Man’s Best Friend” in a way I had never seen before.   I frequently refer to my time in the dog yards when explaining behavior to clients as I learned how to speak dog through the lens of dogs speaking dog to one another, rather than by traditional textbook knowledge.  While there is of course the time and place for textbook knowledge, many of us understand the value of being submerged in a language in order to learn it.  

          I worked for Village Sentry for roughly six years, managing nearly every aspect of the business at one point in time or another, to include being the live-in manager and launching training sessions during daycare hours.  I learned an incredible wealth of knowledge from the owners and feel blessed to have had the opportunity to continue working for their company and growing with them while I figured out life.  After I gave college and a military career in the United States Navy a chance, I found myself home once again, and I knew I was here to stay.  During this time I also volunteered for the wonderful local Non-Profit organization Operation Delta Dog, which evaluates and trains rescue dogs for veterans in need. When I realized I was more dedicated to watching and reading my favorite trainers and behaviorists more than I was to anything else I had tried career wise, I knew what I wanted to focus on.  

          Bringing home my personal and now working dog, Reagan, was the final deciding point for me.  I decided in the summer of 2021 that I wanted to commit to this industry and focus on training and behavior specifically.  I started this by doing daycare and socialization consulting for a different kennel for a number of months while starting to market myself as an individual.  By March of 2022, I was able to work for myself full time.  I have connected with so many clients in my dedicated area of service and I cannot begin to express my gratitude toward the continued support in this community.  

          I continue education with a variety of groups and training styles.  Between a large network of professional women and the International Association for Canine Professionals, I have no shortage of resources for learning and I attend clinics often. Many of my mentors have an emphasis in teaching with the whole dog approach.  Nutrition, genetics, anatomy, proprioception, upbringing, language and more has such an impact on our four legged friends and how we approach rehabilitation.  I am connected with a Veterinary Behaviorist out of Nashua, NH. I will refer you to her if I feel that your dog’s behavioral issues are more intense and in need of somebody better suited.

          My education will never be done, but I believe firmly in bringing the most carefully tailored approach to every dog and family I meet.  Every dog is different, every family has different needs, and most importantly there are No Bad Dogs.


Assistant, Demo Dog, Good Girl


          Cassie’s German Shorthair Pointer, Reagan, is her daily assistant in work.  “Janet Jackson” was born to the rock & roll litter at GSH’s GSP’s of Osterville, MA on November 9th, 2020, coincidentally the same day of Cassie’s discharge from the United States Navy.  Little did she know until she got home to New Hampshire that a sweet little 8 pound fish-eyed puppy would come home with her on New Years Eve, and she would get renamed “Reagan Winter.”   

          Reagan has incredible dog sense and often helps socialize dogs who may be nervous or otherwise selective.  She is Kendall's Canines' showcase dog for neutrality in dogs with mild to severe reactivity as she is confident and unbothered by negative behaviors.  Reagan is a phenomenal recall trainer for the others dogs as well as e-collar familiarization for clients.  Reagan is an excellent and neutral distraction for dogs in training in the Kendall’s Canines program.  

          In their time off, Reagan and Cassie enjoy hiking, swimming, outdoor dog-friendly dining, adventuring in the beautiful White Mountains of NH and spending time with their equine family member, Valor.  

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