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Training and Fitness Program

Personalized Help for you and your Dog

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Consulting Programming:

Struggling to come up with a training plan for your dog, physically or behaviorally, but don’t feel you need a 6 Week Program? Are you preparing your dog for certain sports, work, or hunting and want to ensure their best physical conditioning?


Let Kendall’s Canines help create a custom training plan for you and your dog. This will be offered to any and all clients and may be a great option for those out of range to Cassie looking for remote guidance. Not all dogs and client will be a good fit for remote assistance.


Programs will be roughly based on a 2 month routine, but every client may have different needs. Pricing of programs may vary based on varying needs, multiple dogs, or other factors. Clients working with Kendall’s are free to send video updates, ask questions, and can expect to have at least one weekly check in on progress with your dogs.

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