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Training Packages

These are packages that are tailored to your dogs needs and/or schedules.

Private and Day Train Packages


Intended to practice skills that maybe were not retained during puppyhood and/or behavioral issues. 

4 Week Duration: 1 Day Train + 1 Private Train/Week:



4 Week Duration: 1 Day Train + 2 Private Train/Week:



Weekly Adventure Packages


Trail Runs, Store Visits, Socialization.

*Must complete necessary training / be approved via trainer prior to signing up*



1 Visit/Week



2 Visits/Week




3 Visits/Week



Day Long Training


An alternative to Board & Train. 

6-8 hour days including basic obedience, socialization, training, and more. 

Must be approved. 

By The Day:



2 Week Package (10 days):



4 Week Package (20 days):



Puppy Packages


All the basics from manners to socialization! Three 1/2 hour visits per week.

$160-$200/week depending on volume.  Please speak with the trainer directly!

All packages must be used within allotted time for each of their designations unless otherwise arrangements are made due to emergency or personal emergency. Packages are non-refundable.

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