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Welcome to Kendall's Canines!


Kendall’s Canines, LLC is an in-home and mobile dog training service working in south-central New Hampshire and nearby towns of Massachusetts. Kendall’s Canines, LLC offers a unique approach to modern day training that is catered to the individual needs of our canine clients and their families. 


Kendall’s Canines specializes in socialization, in-public training, reactivity and reliable off-leash training.  However, our programs include puppy training, basic obedience, home-based issues, Canine Good Citizen preparedness, anxiety related issues, and mild to moderate behavioral modification.  

Cassie, owner of Kendall’s Canines, LLC, works with dogs of all breeds and life stages. She takes pride in considering the whole dog in evaluating training and behavior needs: Nutrition, anatomical issues, breed-specific behaviors, upbringing, the needs of a dog’s human companions, and more. She considers every dog to be their own individual, and does not believe in a cookie-cutter approach to any case. Cassie is a firm believer in utilizing all four quadrants of training for the success of dogs, but does not take the same approach to each canine client. 

Our Service Area:

Hollis, NH
Brookline, NH
Milford, NH

Amherst, NH

Pepperell, MA

Townsend, MA

Dunstable, MA

Groton, MA

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The first step to get enrolled with Kendall’s Canines is to set up an evaluation via text!

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